Department of Telecommunication Engineering is fully equipped with latest RF Measurement Equipment, Software and Telecommunication Training Kits in the following labs.

RADMIC - Radio Communications Millimeter Wave Research Center
  • RF Transmitter:
    Vector Signal Generator – Agilent's N5182A - 503 with option 651 & 431 (N5182A MXG RF Vector Signal Generator -

    Specifications: RF TransmitterFrequency range from 250 KHz to 3GHz; Internal baseband generator (30 Msa/ s, 8 Msa); Custom Digital Modulation with Documentation on CD (Symbol rates from 1 ksps to 62.5 Msps; Multicarrier with up to 100 carriers; Modulation types PSK, QAM, FSK, MSK and ASK)

  • RF Receiver:
    Signal Analyzer: Agilent's N9010A with option 503 Bench Top(N9010A EXA Signal Analyzer)

    Specifications: Frequency range: 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz (Bench Top) with tracking generator & documentation in CD ROM

  • CST Microwave Studio ®:
    CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® CST MWS ( ) is a specialist tool for the 3D EM simulation of high frequency components. CST MWS enables the fast and accurate analysis of high frequency (HF) devices such as antennas, filters, couplers, planar and multi-layer structures and SI and EMC effects. Exceptionally user friendly, CST MWS quickly gives you an insight into the EM behavior of your high frequency designs.

    CST promotes Complete Technology for 3D EM. Users of our software are given great flexibility in tackling a wide application range through the variety of available solver technologies. Beside the flagship module, the broadly applicable Time Domain solver and the Frequency Domain solver, CST MWS offers further solver modules for specific applications. Filters for the import of specific CAD files and the extraction of SPICE parameters enhance design possibilities and save time. In addition, CST MWS is embedded in various industry standard workflows through the CST design environment.

WIN LAB – Wireless Information Network Lab
  • LAN Trainer (Benchmark Training Kits)

  • Wireless Digital Communication Training System (WiCOMM-T; Benchmark Training Kits)

    Benchmark SystemsThe Benchmark Lab Trainer kits are versatile laboratory system that supplements courses on computer communications/ networks. Developed by Benchmark Electronic Systems ( ) in collaboration with IIT-Madras.

  • Emona Telecoms-Trainer Kits - ETT-101 ( )

    Emona Telecoms-Trainer Kits - ETT-101A Multi-experiment Single Board Telecommunications Trainer. The Emona Telecoms-Trainer 101 (ETT101) is a single board trainer that makes teaching telecommunications much easier for teachers at technical college and technical high school level. Developed by EMONA Instruments Pty Ltd, Australia.

    The ETT101 is unrivalled in the wide range of over 29 modern communications topics that can be studied with one compact trainer. The key to the ETT101's versatility is its unique block diagram approach for building experiments. By working at the block diagram level, we are able to achieve many experiments in one system.

    Lab Manual