About the department


Telecommunications landscape is changing rapidly and currently undergoing tremendous growth. From ordering a pizza to the high tech radar on a jet, we see telecommunications making wonders. The convergence of the computer and telecommunications technology promises innovative products and services that will revolutionize life and work. With leaps and bounds in technology, telecommunications has been acknowledged as a vital ingredient of economic growth.

Keeping in view of this ever green technology importance and huge demand for Telecommunication Engineer's for the nation needs, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) Management has started, the Department of Telecommunication Engineering (TCE) during the year 2008.


Experienced faculty are available with TCE Department who are from various areas of specialization like electronics, digital signal processing, microwave & satellite communications, optical engineering, mobile/ wireless communications, wireless information networks & security, Information theory and software programming for telecommunications (Java, .NET & Symbian OS).

Programmes Offered

TCE offering under graduate degree program, "B.Tech. - Information & Telecommunication Engineering"; a post graduate program, "M.Tech - Telecommunication Networks" and PhD Programs which have been formulated to give a firm grounding on the principles of telecommunications technology.

Activities & Achievements

The students and the faculty of the department take part in national/international conferences as well as workshops and seminars in their areas of interest. This gives them a valuable insight into global trends and advances in the telecommunications field. The telecommunication engineering department initiated “TEA - Telecommunication Engineers Association”. The TEA will provide a platform for the students to develop skills across the horizon; Exposure in extracurricular activities and interaction among intra and inter college/university students; and helping the students to have a proper technical knowledge particularly in the field of telecommunications by conducting various events at National level and Guest lecturers on specialized topics and workshops on topics related to Telecommunications. Very recently, with the support of IEEE, USA, the TCE Dept. started IEEE Communications Society Student Branch for the benefit of Student community. IEEE Comsoc @ SRM plays vital role in the careers of all Telecommunication Engineering Students at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University).


There are opportunities galore in information and telecommunication sectors. Students can build a career in mobile/wireless communications/networks, information technology, satellite communications, cable networks, and communication devices development etc. And, those with a flair for higher education can pursue ME/M.Tech and Ph.D. Engineers are in demand in public & private sectors and the real thrust in recent times has been in information and telecommunications arena. More than 80% of TCE students were placed during 2010-2011 in reputed IT & Telecom companies through our campus & off campus recruitment.

Research & Consultancy



1. DRDO Sponsored Research Project
Principal Investigator of the research project titled "Design & Development of Flexible, High Performance On-Body Antennas for Wearable Wireless Devices" for 3 years 2016-2019 with 66 Lakhs funding. Ref: ERIP/ER/15031198/M/01/1617, Dt. 24 May 2016.
2. ISRO - Respond
Principal Investigator of the research project titled “ALTS Antenna Array for Inter-Satellite Wireless Communications” awarded/sanctioned by the ISRO, Govt. of India, No. ISRO/RES/3/647/2014-15, Dt. 5 Aug 2014, with 24 Lakhs budget for 3 years.

Complete Project :

3. DRDO Sponsored Research Project
Principal Investigator of the research project titled “Millimeter-Wave Antenna Circuitry and Network Planning/Deployment Studies for Future Ubiquitous Broadband Wireless Systems”, awarded/sanctioned by the DRDO, Govt. of India, No. ERIP/ER/1003907/M/01/1288 Dt.17.02.2011, with a budget of 37 lakhs and 3 years of duration.
4. DST Sponsored Research Project
Principal Investigator of the research project titled “Near-Ground RF Propagation Studies for Wireless Sensor Communications”, awarded/sanctioned by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India, No.SR/S3/EECE/0016/2010, Dt.08 March 2010, with a budget of 38 lakhs and 3 years of duration.

RADMIC – Radio Communications Millimeter Wave Research CenterThe above project proposal is under consideration with the Govt. of India funding agency and the project objectives will be executed through RADMIC – Radio Communications Millimeter Wave Research Center, a research wing of the Dept. of Telecommunications Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) in collaboration with Dr. Vladimir A Labay of Gonzaga University, USA.

RADMIC is also enjoying collaborative research work with Dr. Kent Chamberlin, Ph.D Professor, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of New Hampshire, USA and a very special rapport with Dr. Ramjee Prasad, Professor & Director, Center for TeleInFrastruktur (CTIF), a world-wide research center with headquarters at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark.

Institute - Industry Interaction Activities.

Agilent TechnologiesDept. of Telecommunication Engineering through its research wing, "RADMIC - Radio Communications Millimeter Wave Research Center" collaborated with Agilent Technologies, Bangalore/ Chennai ( World's No.1 Measurement Equipment Company - www.agilent.com ) in research & teaching activities, especially in Mobile/ Wireless Communications/ Networks.