About the Department


Leadership in software is important for our economy, our security and our quality of life. Much of the economy depends upon highly secured computer software, whether for incorporating into products, for manufacturing products or for designing competitive products. The prime focus of SWE department is, to enhance the students to extend and strengthen the ability to develop and sustain the transformative systems of tomorrow. Through the curriculum of various programs, the department aims at providing the platform to attain a higher degree of knowledge, global competency and excellence in design, development and application of various emerging technologies in software systems. The activities of the department are determined to create leaders and trend setters for the next generation.



The B.Tech.in SWE is persistently striving to build technological base and achieve excellence in software engineering domains. The relentless effort is to produce software engineering graduates with potential to design and develop effective systems. This involves, analyzing the requirements, integration of software and hardware devices, innovative approaches to programming, understanding the complexities of software technology. Through this students will implement and deploy software applications to develop and control the quality of existing software system to meet the current trends.


The postgraduate program has been designed to cater to the ever changing needs and demands of software industry. The objective is to train the students in advanced software management, technical skills and direct them to carry out research activities. The practical aspects of the program ranges from using web based knowledge engineering to software reuse techniques for designing high variability software components and meet the demands of competency in multi-disciplinary areas.


The department has skilled and experienced faculty members working in wide research domains, equipped with knowledge content, ability to relate with students and utility value in various fields like software architecture, design, project management, testing, artificial networks, programming languages, embedded software engineering, multimedia software engineering etc.

Research & Consultancy

Software Engineering Department has demonstrated its excellence in many domains of research. The faculty of Software department showcase proficiency in varied areas of computing & technology.  The students at all levels under the able guidance of the faculty members, help the institute to reach the apex of knowledge and innovation.  The key areas of specialization are Machine Learning, Software Engineering ,Computer Networks & Security and Computing (Application Development). The most recent initiative of software engineering department  has been the Construction of a Strong Research Group with the fraternity of both faculty and students  in above specialized areas.


The curriculum of the B.Tech Software Engineering Program has been specially  designed and framed by highly  technically skilled faculty members  of the Software Engineering department under the guidance of the expert opinions from reputed software  industry professionals. The  students collaborate with the faculty members by providing their valuable views and  feedback in  helping to frame an effective, cutting edge and industry oriented curriculum.

MSIT-ESE Program

The Software Engineering Department in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) offers a software engineering professional master's degree program, MSIT-ESE. The students will start the program at the SRM campus in Chennai and will complete the program requirements at the CMU campus in Pittsburgh. The program has a unique ability to create relationships across diverse departments, to address specific educational needs and industry demands. Hence the students are allowed to take a combination of courses from ISR (Institute for Software Research) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department as a joint degree program. The program builds a strong foundation and skills in software, hardware and electrical, and systems engineering. The students are hence prepared for positions as engineers building effective embedded software intensive systems. Rather than the traditional method of classroom teaching, the students are trained in a team oriented and self directed approach. In the course of 16 month, students are constantly skilled by mentors with significant industrial experience to apply the theoretical concepts of the classroom to the real world projects, which is a mandatory part of the program.

Major events and achievements

Students have successfully formed an association, Association of Software Engineering (ASWE) with the support of faculty and department. Through the association students organize various intra and inter technical fests, workshops, seminars and symposium. Association also has formed clubs and committees performing activities in various areas providing platform for the students to show their talents, personality development, communicate effectively, collaborate with industries, proving their technical and management skills. Students have also participated in various events organized by other reputed universities. Students and Faculty have successfully published and presented papers in National and International Conferences, and refereed journals.


SWE has constantly strived in training students to make their career in technical, management and leadership positions in various software fields. As a result the department has successfully placed 100 percent of its students in leading companies like Capital IQ, Payoda, SAP Labs, TCS, Accenture, Wipro, Robert Bosch, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, Newgen, Sourcebits, MindTree. The students have also been encouraged to pursue their higher studies. The department also provides the best platform, facilities and opportunities to encourage the young entrepreneurs.