About the department


The Department of Mechatronics at SRM Institute of Science and Technology is one of its kind which offers under-graduate and graduate programs with niche courses. The department offers the following programs.

  • BTech Mechatronics Engineering (started in the year 2005-2006)
  • MTech Mechatronics Engineering (started in the year 2018-2019)
  • MTech Mechatronics Engineering - by Research (started in the year 2019-20)
  • PhD program

The department, apart from the regular program, is engaged in many other activities such as industrial consultancy, industrial training, academic and industry-collaborated research, organizing workshops, seminars and conferences.

The Department of Mechatronics Engineering is known for its state of the art laboratory infrastructure and faculty members with diverse academic profiles. The laboratories of the department are equipped with modern industrial standard items such as industrial collaborative robot arm, autonomous mobile robots, mixed signal oscilloscopes, advanced control plants, advanced pneumatics systems, programmable logic controllers, embedded controllers, real-time controllers, machine vision systems, high precision test and measurement equipment. The laboratories also host a number of engineering software for design, analysis and simulation of mechatronics systems.


Mechatronics is an unique field in the spectrum of engineering disciplines. Mechatronics engineering education is all about the knowledge and skill required to integrate elements of mechanical, electrical, electronics through complex software algorithms for control and overall functioning of the system. This process is generally termed as system integration which is one of the core competencies of mechatronics engineers. The current revolution in the connectivity and ever growing demand for more and more user-friendly products have increased the complexity of system in terms of its diversity thus requiring system integrators - “The Mechatronics Engineers”