About the department


It is the task of instrumentation and control engineers to research, design, install, develop, test and maintain instruments, electronics and computer control systems that are used in the process industry. With the help of automation techniques and computer-aided processes, they formulate ways to control these systems. Their prime focus is to ensure that the processes operate efficiently and safely. The department of ICE prepares students who seek to enter this stream by providing them with intricate knowledge to manage and control instruments.



This program enriches students with theoretical and practical skills that are required in different spheres of instrumentation and control industries. It enables students to pursue a career in the measurement and control of complex industrial & electrical processes. Modules of this program train the student to plan, design, install, operate, control and maintain complex systems that produce materials of high quality.


With the Instrumentation and control sector experiencing major technological advancements in recent years, the program is directly relevant to the needs of any type of industry. It aims at developing academic and professional excellence for fresh graduates as well as Practicing engineers who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in the fields of Instrumentation and control systems.


The department consists of a good number of faculty members, who have experience in teaching, industry and research. The department also has an experienced and energetic team of experts in fields like virtual instrumentation, distributed control system, intelligent control systems, SCADA, PLC, modeling, analysis and control.

Major Events & Achievements
  • The Department conducts seminars, short-term training programs, workshops and conferences periodically
  • DOKINCE - A National Level Students Symposium on Instrumentation and Control is organized every two years
  • NCICSA - A National conference on Instrumentation, Control systems and Automation is one such event conducted once in two years
  • The department conducts two Short-Term Training Programs in a year
  • The faculty members of the department publish books, present papers in International and National conferences and deliver special lectures
  • This department has ISA (Instrumentation Society of Automation) - an International professional body - for the benefits of students

Final year students project titled "Design and Implementation of Digital Dash Board" has been selected for ISTE National Award during the year 2008.

Under semester abroad program 2 students have been sent to University of Wisconsin-USA. One of our staff has been sponsored by SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) to visit University of California, Davis under faculty abroad program.


A research coordination committee chaired by the Head of Department, along with two faculty members coordinates academic research in the department.

Industrial training

Students are encouraged to undergo industrial training during their courses of study. The ICE association arranges industrial visits, technical seminars and workshops. The department also organizes development programs to enhance the overall personality of the students to meet industrial requirements.


Upon completion of the process instrumentation and control degree, students will be prepared for careers with industries that manufacture and apply instrumentation and control engineering equipment including power generation companies, petroleum refining industry, aerospace industries, healthcare firms, chemical firms, environmental monitoring and control companies, waste water treatment plants and plastic industries etc.