About the Department


About The Department

In today’s era of accelerating globalization and increasing dependency on technology, SRM University has undertaken the challenge to carve the most phenomenal engineers, leaders and trendsetters our economy can have. The Department of Computational Intelligence is an educational milieu that creates a foreground for students to acquire knowledge in the futuristic areas, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Software Engineering. We strive to create students ready for the industry with the ability to develop and sustain the space-age systems.

A breakthrough in the field of AI & ML Research for each student with comprehensive hands-on experience is what we strive to achieve. Through the Department of Computational Intelligence, we do everything it takes to develop professionals who can design, develop, and evaluate high-quality, cost-effective software systems. Our diverse program curriculum is focused on equipping the students with expert faculty and industry professionals with a foundation for knowledge, global competencies, excellence in designing and developing. At the department's core is the desire and need to stay ahead of the curve and at par with the ever-changing needs and demands of the software industry at the core of the department.

It is our mission to groom and nurture the students in academic excellence, industry exposure and provide them with outstanding career opportunities. We offer specialized global technology programs in both under-graduation and post-graduation creating a scope to expand their horizon worldwide. With multidisciplinary expertise in research areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech technology, Robotics, and Renewable Energy, the department offers a combination of the three competing technologies, AI, ML and Software. Furthermore, we work on industrial collaboration to make intelligent systems guided by industry mentors. The curricula’s prime focus is to endorse learning through the key concepts of acquire, analyze, design and implement oriented teaching will create the students to challenge, innovate, compete with assigned Capstone projects to solve real-world problems to make themselves industry ready professionals and enable them to become future entrepreneurs. With no lid to cap your creative genius, the Department of Computational Intelligence brings you forth all the means to implement and take advantage of a wide variety of emerging cutting-edge technologies in software systems or simply be the mastermind behind it all.