Centers of Excellence

Name of the Lab: DST-FIST Sponsored (2018 – 2023) Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Facility

Background:   BD FACSMelody cell sorter is based on the proven BD FACSAria™ platform of cell sorters with fixed alignment and gel-coupled cuvettes, the BD FACSMelody builds on the BD FACSAria reputation for driving superior performance and reliability, with an intuitive user interface, BD FACSChorus software enables researchers at all skill levels to achieve high-purity sorting with:

  • Screens that are dedicated to each single step
  • On-screen instructions and tips that display when needed
  • Preset data tools to save the user clicks and time
  • Instrument management behind the scenes to activate sort controls, monitor sort progress and turn off sort controls when sorting is completed
  • Simple to read reports.
  • Using BD™ CS&T technology for daily QC ensures consistent performance across all detectors and ensures day-to-day and experiment-to-experiment reproducibility. 
BD FACS MELODY is  3 laser and  8 color system  can be used for cell sorting (FACS) of live cells separates a population of cells into sub-populations based on fluorescent labeling. Sorting involves more complex mechanisms in the flow cytometer than a non-sorting analysis. Cells stained using fluorophore-conjugated antibodies can be separated from one another depending on which fluorophore they have been stained with. For example, a cell expressing one cell marker may be detected using an FITC-conjugated antibody that recognizes the marker, and another cell type expressing a different marker could be detected using a PE-conjugated antibody specific for that marker. 
Current Equipment:  BD FACSMelody
  • Immunology Laboratory
  • Molecular Immunology Laboratory
  • Immunology research
  • Cancer  biology research
  • Stemcell biology research
Location and Hours
Block Name: Bioengineering, 2nd Floor, Research Facility - III
Room no:  B314
Open Door Access Time : 09.00 A.M to 4.30 P.M
Contact People:
Dr.R.A.Nazeer Professor
Dr.S.Nageswaran Associate Professor