Alumni Connect

"Corporate - Academic - Alumni Connect (CAAC)" program of the University facilitates interactions among students pursuing B. Tech. & M. Tech. Programs and experts from industry, academia & alumni in topics related to:

  • Recent developments in Biology and Biotechnology
  • Career planning and avenues open for B. Tech. and M. Tech. graduates.
  • Opportunities available for pursuing higher education and research.
  • Funding opportunities for students aspiring higher education in India and abroad.
  • Employability skills…

2019-2020 Academia Connect Events

Title of the Interaction




Patent Cooperation Treaty and International Filing

Manoj Madhavan

IP Office, Guindy

Assistant Controller of Patents

Claims and Infringement

Dr. R. Bhanumathi

IP Office, Guindy

Assistant Controller of Patents

Patent Mining and Landscaping

Megha Agrawal

Entrepreneur, Intellectual Coolie, Nagpur


Patenting in Biotechnology

Dr. Sharana Gouda

IP Office, Guindy

Assistant Controller of Patents

Research, funding, student exchange and recruitment process for Medical Biotechnology Program

Mr Aravind Raj Vishnu Palani

The University of Illinois, College of Medicine, USA


Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) for Regenerative Therapy

Dr. Rajasingh Johnson,

Department of Bioscience Research and Cardiovascular Medicine,

University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis

Associate Professor

Neuroendocrine correlates of diet- induced obesity: Role of free fatty acids

Sheba M.J. MohanKumar

Department of Veterinary Biosciences and Diagnostic Imaging University of Georgia Athens, Georgia, U. S. A

Associate Professor

Microbes in Space

Dr. Kasthuri Venkateswaran,

Jet Propulsion Laboratory from Biotechnology and Planetary Protection Group

Senior Research Scientist at NASA

Tumor inhibition in ovarian cancer model

Dr. Ekambaram Ganapathy

Department of Radiation oncology

University of California at Los Angeles

Associate project scientist

Development and Responsiveness of Lymphatics in the Inflammatory


Dr. M. Mariappan

College of Medicine, Texas A&M

University, College Station, TX, USA


Elucidating the role of SNARE proteins in constitutive secretion using functional genomics”

Dr. Andrew Alexander Peden

University of Sheffield, UK


CD151 found in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) could be essential for Metastasis

Dr. Rama Rao Malla

Dept. of Biochemistry &

Bioinformatics, GITAM Visakhapatnam-530 045, AP, India


Bio nanotechnology – Applications and Prospects

Dr. Kohie Soga

Faculty of Industrial

Science and Technology Tokyo University of Science, Japan.

Professor and Chair,


Metastatic breast cancer and novel therapeutics

Dr. Muralidharan Anbalagan

Tulane University, USA

Assistant Professor

Patentability of Invention / Innovation: The major Clauses of the Indian Patent Act and Rules

C. Naveen Andrew

IP Office, Guindy

Assistant Controller of Patents

Patent Filing Procedures:

Filing Procedures for securing Patent Rights in India

A. Raja

IP Office, Guindy

Assistant Controller of Patents

2019-2020 Alumni Connect Events

Title of the Interaction




Alumini Interaction

Debajan Sengupta (2008)

(Oral care), Procter & Gamble, Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany.

Senior Scientist

SRM success stories

Mr. Vincent Daniels (2008)


Program Manager

Career opportunities Post- Covid in Service Sectors and importance of Mental Health

Mr. Prashant Singh (2009)

Tension Free Quality Life Pvt. Ltd.


Indian Administrative Services- Opportunities

Ms. Shaifali Barwal (2011)



Stories from my life: Biotech and everything in between

Mr. Mayank Saravagi (2011)

Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs

Smart Cities Fellow

Student interaction

Mr. Mukesh Prakash Gocher (2011)


Quality Inspector at the Food Corporation of India.

How to shape yourself for a better future and career

Mr. Chaitanya (2015)

Business of Industry belts.


Job Opportunities for Biotechnologists

Mr. Gowtham (2017)

Farmlab Diagnostics.

Research Scientist

Journey from SRMIST to My Current Position, Through the Milestone

Ms. Adrija Ganguly (2017)

Histo Genetics, India.

Genetic Research Analysis intern

Scope of Research in Biology (Ocular Research)

Dr. Ajay Ashok (2009)


Department of Pathology Case Western Reserve University, United States of America.

Postdoctoral fellow

Higher Studies in Abroad Research Opportunities

Dr. Sharmili Roy (2009)

Stanford University, Division of Oncology, school of medicine, Ca, USA.

Post-Doctoral Scholar

Follow your heart but listen to your gut

Dr. Moen Sen (2011)

Liquid Biopsy Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Prospect of research in abroad labs and ways to find opportunity

Dr. Niranjan Varma (2014)

ETH Zurich and Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Switzerland

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Research opportunities in Europe

Mr. Thyagarajan Chandrasekaran (2014)

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

Ph.D. in Germany

How to shape yourself for a better future and career

Ms. Sushma Rajagopalan (2015)

MBA in healthcare Management in Goa Institute for Management


Higher Studies in Abroad.

Kannan Thangamani (2016)

University of Texas-San Antonio, USA.

Ph.D. student (Neurobiology),

Stories from my life: Biotechnology and Everything Inbetween

Ms. Abhayavarshini Sridhar (2016)

Federle Lab-Quorom Sensing, School of Medicine University of Illinois,


Ph. D.

Q&A - Webinar on post

Undergraduate life

Mr. Akshay K. Murali (2017)

SciLifeLab - Experimental Oncology Laboratory, Stockholm, Sweden.

Master’s in Molecular Techniques in Life


Student interaction

Mr. Kishore Aravind Ravichandran (2017)

University of Bonn Medical Center Germany

Ph.D. in Germany

Higher studies after Bachelors

Ms. Srija Das (2017)

Perfumery and Flavour Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology. India.

M. Tech.  

Anything that you have wanted to ask about life, career, goals, future prospects and just about anything that could help clear your mind off of things.

Mr. Rahul Ananth (2018)


Masters in Food Technology.

Higher studies in abroad

Haritha A Menon (2018)

Mc Gill University, Canada

P. G. Student

Research and Higher Studies

Mr. Sanjay Sunil Kumar (2019)

Leiden University, Netherlands

Masters in Molecular Genetics

Brewing and distilling and its scope in future

Mr. Pranay Rajendra Kumar (2019)

Brewing and Distilling, Heriot-Watt University.

Masters and Entrepreneurship program