About the department


Amalgamation of biology and technology is biotechnology, a fast growing and evolving field in science. Biotechnology scenario in the world is changing rapidly and dynamically. To prepare the students for this competitive field of science, to the curriculum and syllabi is crafted to impart current advancement and understanding about biotechnology along with basic knowledge about research and thus, provide about a substantial basic foundation of biotechnology in our students. The department constantly provides the latest developments in the fields of pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, and drug discovery sectors, healthcare, diagnostic and therapeutic, plant and animal sciences, and environmental sectors along with the core subjects.

Two programmes are available in the program where students can go abroad to further enhance their knowledge in this field. Twinning Programme is where students will complete their two years of study at SRM, India and later move abroad to a university campus to complete the rest of the programme in two years to secure B.Tech. from SRM and BS from overseas. Student Abroad Programme (SAP) offers students to spend one semester abroad in prestigious universities from around the globe, where they will learn to do advanced research.



B.Tech. Biotechnology is exclusively focused in bridging bio-sciences and engineering. Multiple paths have been embedded in the design of the curriculum and created a flexible educational experience comprising biosciences credentials like microbiology and immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology & genetic engineering, plant and animal cell & tissue culture, genomics and proteomics, IPR and bioethics and bioengineering like bioprocess technology, downstream processing, unit operations along with chemical engineering, mathematics and basic engineering subjects. The highlight of the syllabus is the practical knowledge that students gain through in-plant training, projects, and educational tours.


The main thrust of the programme was on research support on short-term basis leading towards scientific excellence, development of new products or processes, large-scale demonstrations, validation of R&D leads. This advanced course covers agriculture and related sciences and is designed to suit both manufacturing, and R&D programs. Students are given strong insights into both theoretical and practical aspects of individual courses/subjects.


The faculty, carefully chosen from different disciplines of biotechnology, is the strength of the department. Core faculties oversee the curriculum and instruction. Many hold advanced academic degrees and underwent postdoctoral trainings in reputed universities, hospitals in USA, UK, Germany, Japan, and South Korea and are actively involved in research. The Faculty abroad programme provides a best platform for the faculties to gain knowledge about international standard and promote advanced research activities in the department.

Research `

Research in the department is coordinated with faculties where they constantly pursuing extramural funding from national funding resources such as the DBT, DST, ICAR, ICMR, BARC and other major sources from industry. The students are directly and actively involved in such projects and gain their knowledge of research through discussing with their mentors, departmental research seminars, and interacting with various scientists who have been invited for national and international conferences that were organized by our department annually.

Industrial connection

The department has a record of sorts when it comes to linking up with the industry in terms of student projects and training with highly recognized corporate/institutes in Bangalore like Biocon, Jain Institute, Genotypic technology, GE health care. In Chennai reputed universities and research institutes like University of Madras, Anna University, Central Leather Research Institute, Cancer Research Institute, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, Tuberculosis Research Center, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Medopharm, MIOT, Bharat Biotech, GeoMarine Biotechnologies limited. In Hyderabad laboratories like Santha Biotech, Reddy's Lab. and Reliance Life Sciences, Mumbai; Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore; SPIC, Cuddalore; Kalinga Plant Resource Center, Bhuvaneshwar ; M.S. University, Baroda; Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.


Students are prepared to work in the bioscience industry in the areas of Research & Development in Vaccine production, Biofertilizers production, clinical testing, and diagnostic work. Potential employers include biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as laboratories in hospitals, government, universities, horticultural industries, conservation organizations, Beverages industry, agricultural industry.


To develop as a department of eminence, delivering distinctive learning skills in biotechnology enabling excellence in professional competence and innovation for further betterment of society and mankind. 


  • To adopt effective teaching methods to improve the learning process and impart knowledge of biology and technology. 
  • To provide hands-on training and technical skills to transform students into technocrats and facilitate research and higher education in the fields of biotechnology.
  • To pursue and promote cutting-edge research in selected fields of biotechnology