Cutting-edge laboratories & facilities

The department is equipped with state of the art computer programming, biocomputing, genomics (sequencing and genome analysis) and proteomics (2D protein separation and protein purification) laboratories. The department also has several high end biology labs for the bioinformatics students. Hands on skills on basics are offered in microbiology, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology, database management, genomics, proteomics, and computer aided drug designing.

Software to provide an integrated environment for drug design, modeling and simulation solutions for biomolecules, comparative modeling and docking, computational chemistry and genome analysis are available. Biocluster, a cluster of tools required for DNA and protein sequence analysis is also available.

Library resources

  • Books available in the department library - 60

Laboratory Resources

  • Bioinformatics lab

i) Computers

50 computers

Internet facility

ii) Software

i) Accelrys Software- Discovery  Studio

ii) Matlab Software

iii) Molecular Docking Software- Maestro Schrodinger