About the department


Department of Automobile Engineering

Department of Automobile Engineering was established in the year 2004. This is an industry driven department nurtured with young and dynamic faculty members. The department functions hand in hand with the industries for the development of laboratory, projects, teaching and research. Automobile  Engineering  is  a  branch  of  engineering  incorporating  elements  of mechanical,  electrical, electronic,   software   and   safety   engineering   as   applied   to   the   design,   manufacture   and   operation   of motorcycles, buses, trucks  and electric & hybrid vehicles and their  respective  engineering  subsystems.  Automobile engineering offers one of the most challenging careers today.  Driven by the high demand for vehicles, automobile engineers have career opportunities across the world. The course gains significance for those who are passionate about automobiles, especially since Chennai is the automobile hub of India.



B.Tech in Automobile Engineering

The objective of this B. Tech program in Automobile Engineering is to give students a broad exposure in the design, development and testing of automobiles. Furthermore, the program trains them to meet the technological challenges and diverse needs of the industry and society in various areas of automobile engineering and equips them to excel in a truly competitive industry.

B.Tech in Automobile Engineering (with specialization in Automotive Electronics)

The main objective of this B.Tech program in Automobile Engineering (With Specilization in Automotive Electronics) is to give an insight into the future technology. The automotive industry endeavoring towards the greener technology, automotive electronics is inevitable. The students will be exposed to the role of automotive electronics in I.C Engine, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.


M.Tech in Automotive Hybrid Systems Engineering

The M.Tech in Automotive Hybrid Systems Engineering (AHSE) in collaboration with Non Ferrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC), Hyderabad. NFTDC is a unique Technology Centre,  with multi-disciplinary  knowledge  domain  based  institution  which  enables  the  centre  to undertake complex technology development endeavors as interdisciplinary projects involving both knowledge creation  (scientific know-why) and knowledge integration (technical knowhow). The outcome of this course will equip the students with advanced hybrid and electric vehicles technology which drives the future green mobility.

Doctoral Programme

Ph.D in Automobile Engineering

The department has a team of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty members. We offer full time and Part time Ph.D  in the field of IC Engines, Alternative Fuels, Fuel Cell, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Automotive Technology, Automotive Materials, Vehicle Dynamics, Thermal & Electric Vehicles.

Major Events

The department conducts National and International level seminars, workshops, guest lecturers and faculty development programs in collaboration with IET, SAE INDIA and top notch industrial experts. We organize various International and National conferences to incubate the research fraternity.

Industrial Collaborations

The department maintains MoU with

1) SRMIST – Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC) Training Centre under Ministry of National Skill Development Council (NSDC), Government of INDIA.

2) SRMIST – Non Ferrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC)


Students get opportunity to serve many top-notch Automobile Companies & IT companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, John Deere, Hyundai, Ashok Leyland, Renault Nissan, Royal Enfield, Ford India, Greaves Cotton Ltd, Puri Crawford, Keane India Ltd., Taegutec India, Rico Auto, Sarada Motors, Cholorisk services, General Motors, Oracle, TCS, CTS, Infosys, Accenture, Natrip, L&T Infotech, Wipro Ltd,Musigma, I-Gate Patni & Cape Gemini India.

With the opening up of R& D and manufacturing plants by global players in various parts of the country and the increase in demand for automotive experts in the domestic and international markets, graduates of automobile engineering have a bright future ahead.