Center for TQM



Total Quality Management has proved to be an impressive benchmark in a company's performance and effectiveness of its processes. Its influence has been felt in industries as diverse as manufacturing and healthcare, which explains the rising demand for expertise and consultancy in this area. Sensing the trend, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) has stayed one step ahead by establishing the Center of Excellence in TQM in 2005. The center creates skilled graduates who can lead the industry and be at par with their counterparts across the globe.

International link

The center of excellence in TQM was a result of SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University)'s rapport with the international fraternity. Tokai University, Japan is an acknowledged leader in the study of quality management and the association with them has opened doors to foster, nurture and develop state of the art quality management programs and techniques.


The courses offered at the TQM centre are handled by faculty trained in quality management at the TQM centre as well as experts drawn from Deming awarded industries, professional Institutions and practicing TQM professionals.


Quality drives the curriculum. It forms the basis of academic study and practical application. The course is designed to be a valuable addition in knowledge to Practicing engineers, executives and supervisors of industries as well as government/quasi-government departments, NGOs, statutory bodies and teaching faculty. The course will also immensely benefit graduates from recognized academic institutions.

Industry rapport

The advisory board includes eminent industry experts in quality management who have achieved International awards for the same. The other members consist of TQM professionals and members of professional bodies and institutions of excellence propagating quality as the main theme. The Chief Advisor is Prof. Katsutoshi Ayano, Chief of the Dept. of Business Administration and Political Sciences at Tokai University, and a jury member of JUSE, the International Professional body for scrutinizing, examining and certifying the Industries applying for Deming Award.

Course details

The center offers both certificate level and post graduate level programs. The certificate courses are conveniently timed for working professionals so that they can continue with their careers. The degree program will be a four-semester full time course for individuals who aspire to become experts in this filed.


M.S. Degree in TQM
Duration: 2 Years, 4 Semesters; Full Time.
TQM Certified Teacher
TQM Certified Engineer
Duration: 6 months. Part-time evening classes, 2 hours per day, five days a week


Certificate Program

Diploma/ Degree in Engineering/ Science with Mathematics/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Statistics/ Applied Sciences as a main subject. Candidates must have at least one year work experience in the relevant field.

M.S. Degree Program

Graduates in Engineering, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. Candidates under 10+2+3 stream should have a minimum of one year work experience.