Center for Advanced Concrete Research (CACR) - Center for R&D on sustainable ecofriendly materials for infrastructures

The Center for Advanced Concrete Research (CACR) at SRM University was started in the year 2010, to carry out interdisciplinary research in the field of concrete, a most common material of construction in any built environment and a basic necessity for accelerated economic development. At present, Portland cement is very widely used as binder in concretes. But, the high content of 'Embodied Carbon Dioxide' (ECO2) and 'Embodied Energy' in the cement are the major reasons for recent laboratory studies all over the world to find alternate binders, as there is an urgent need for making the constructions more eco-friendly and sustainable.

The Research and Development activities in this area are therefore taken as main focus of the newly formed Center. Towards this, use of industrial wastes (such as slags, fly ash, etc,) along with modern materials (such as nano-silica, nano-cellulose fibres, nano-alumina, etc) would be explored using recent developments occurring in the fields of science and technology such as nano-technology, bio-technology, chemical engineering, including usage of modern analytical instruments such as XRD, various spectroscopes, DTA/TGA, etc.,