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GEN HYBRID LABS is a shared inter-disciplinary research space devoted to the innovationof cost effective hybrid products. The team has been formed with the resolution of bringing about a change in the society by enhancing the usage of hybrid alternatives in our day-to-day life.

Our team is a congregation of highly enthusiastic, determined & motivated individuals who are determined towards working together in order to build a better future- A future that can sustain itself, or in other words, “A Better Tomorrow”. We at GEN HYBRID LABS are constantly working to come up with innovative solutions in order to tackle the never ending crisis of clean energy, food, waste management etc. We intend to develop sustainable hybrid products and put them into effect in the commercial world.

We focus on providing intelligent, sustainable & reliable alternatives for energy generation, transmission, distribution & management. We are also into the field of smart tech innovations i.e. we research, explore and come up with new smart ideas which can ease our daily lives & turn them into reality.

Our Projects
  • SOLAERO- It is based on the concept of generating hybrid energy by combining two

or more alternative sources of energy. Our motive is to develop a solar and wind powered hybrid inverter that can power our homes and thus help in creating a green environment by reducing the usage of conventional electricity coming from thermal and nuclear power plants. When ready, it will be available at an easily affordable price with an output rating of 1 MW. Soon a fully functional prototype is expected to be seen around the campus.

  • FARMOSMART- This system is based on the concept of In-House farming with the

help of artificial lighting and use of various chemical substances that will result in crop production at a faster and efficient rate as compared to conventional farming techniques. This process helps in reducing required crop growth time and also makes farming mobile. There are a wide variety of applications of this system. For eg: This system can grow fresh herbs within a small period of time which in turn can help in serving better quality food at a variety of restaurants across the globe. The project is now complete & the prototype is ready for implementation.

  • SMART DUSTBIN- The smart dustbin project is an IoT based waste management

system. It senses the level of trash in a dustbin using an ultrasonic sensor attached to the dustbin cover. When the level reaches above 80%, an app displays the real time data about the occupancy status of the dustbin in the form of percentage. The app also shows the location of the dustbins placed across the campus. This system helps the management people work easily & more efficiently round the clock on disposal of waste materials from the dustbins. The project has been approved to be implemented in the campus.

Our Dedicated Team

  • Ayush Singh
  • SaswatSubhankarMohanty
  • HemrajsinhParmar
  • Anand R John
  • Rishabh Mishra
  • Pradeep Raj
  • Sukrit Bhattacharya
  • RishabhDey
  • ArkoChaterjee

Faculty In-charge:

Dr. K. Vijayakumar
Head of the Department, EEE
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Mr. S. Senthilmurugan
Assistant Professor, EEE
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Student In-Charge:

Ayush Singh
Team Head
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Head of Corporate
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