SRM IST Funded Projects

Research Projects Sponsored by SRMIST under Selective Excellence Research Initiatives 

S.No Title of the  Project Name of the Investigator Name of the Co-Investigator Amount Funded Funding Agency Status of the Project (Ongoing / Completed) Period
1. Photovoltaic Power System for Multiple Applications Dr. S. S. Dash Dr. R. Sridhar 3,00,000 SRMIST Completed 2016-2018
2. Design and Development of Multiport converters Dr. S. S. Dash Dr. N. Chellammal 2,15,000 SRMIST Completed 2016-2018
3. Design and Development of Hybrid PV Water Pumping System Dr. R. Sridhar Dr. D. Sattianadan 1,73,000 SRMIST   In progress   2017-2018
4.   Development of A new Small Scale Wind Turbine to generate maximum power by using Compact  Wind Acceleration Dr. M. Jagabar Sathik   3,90,000 SRMIST In Progress 2017-2019
5. Hybrid Electric Vehicle Ms. A. Geetha Dr. C. Subramani 3,85,000 SRMIST In Progress 2017-2019
6.   Wireless Power Transfer System   Dr. C. Bharatiraja   2, 50,000 SRMIST In Progress 2016-2018