Approved Supervisors

Supervisor Name Area of Research Email ID
Dr. K. Vijayakumar Power System, Power Quality, Renewable Energy Systems, FACTS.
Dr A Rathinam Power system protection, Machine learning, Signal processing, Soft computing, Embedded systems
Dr.N.Chellammal Power electronics and Drives
Dr.C.S.Boopathi ANN in power systems
Dr.C.Bharatiraja Power Electronics converters and Inverters, Electric Vehicles, PV powered applications,  Renewable Energy, Industrial Electronics
Dr.J.Preetha Roselyn Voltage stability, grid integration issues, microgrid
Dr.C.Subramani Power System Stability, Power System Optimization, Reactive Power Compensation, FACTS Applications, Controllers for Frequency compensation, Machines modeling for Traction Applications, Energy Storage Devices, Energy Management in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle,
Dr.D.Sattianadan Distribution systems, Micro grid, Renewable energy, optimization Techniques
Dr. R.Sridhar Power Enhancement in Renewable Energy Systems
Dr. M. Arun Noyal Doss Power electronics and drives, modeling and designing of electrical machines
Dr. D. Suchitra Demand side Management and smart grid
Dr. R. Femi Electrical contact, Electrical Vehicle, Materials and components, Data Processing for materials
Dr.U.Sowmmiya Renewable Energy, Power Quality, Grid integration issues with renewable energy
Dr.M.Jagabar Sathik multilevel inverters, grid-connected inverters, and power electronics converters and its applications to renewable energy systems.
Dr.R.Narayanamoorthi Electric Vehicle, Power Converters, Wireless Charging, Solar PV, Battery Management, Sensors Design and Integration
Dr.S.Padmini Economic scheduling of power systems, Demand side management in smart grid, Solar Desalination, Congestion management, Power system deregulation, Power system optimization techniques, Soft computing techniques, Internet of Things, Renewable energy
Dr D.Karthikeyan Multilevel Inverter ,Renewable energy and electric drives.
Dr.J.Divya Navamani High gain DC-DC converter
Dr. R. Palanisamy Power Electronics and drives, Renewable Energy, FACTS devices, PWMS methods for Power converters, Advanced Electrical Drives
Dr.R.Ramya Power System Modelling, Power System Stability and Control
Dr.K.Saravanan Renewable Energy
Dr.N.Kalaiarasi Power converters for Renewable energy applications, AI techniques, Electric Vehicle
Dr. S. Vidyasagar Deregulation, Radial power flow, Radial line reconfiguration
Dr. V. Kalyanasundaram Deregulation, Optimal power flow, Pricing, Renewable energy, economic dispatch for smart grid
Dr.Y.Jeyashree MEMS, Power Electronics &Drives, Renewable Energy
Dr. R.K. Pongiannan Power electronics and drives, FPGA based design, energy, embedded systems
Dr.D.Maharajan Power System Dynamics: Stability and Control, Renewable Energy , State Estimation,  Power Quality, Machine Learning, Open source software
Dr. K. Selvakumar Power system deregulation, soft computing techniques, electric vehicle
Dr.S.Usha Power electronics and drives
Dr.A.Geetha Electric vehicle
Dr. P. Suresh Power System, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, DCDC converter
Dr.C.Balaji Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, DCDC converter