Delivery Methodology

Delivery methodology in SRM IST Distance Learning programs is unique in many aspects. As a distinct mode of imparting education, DDE at SRM IST relies on technology to take its academic programs to the door steps of learners far and wide.  The system is more learner-oriented and the learner has to be an active participant in the learning process. It combines the features of conventional wisdom and the benefits of technology- driven techniques. A multi-channel approach is followed for knowledge acquisition. It comprises of the following support services:

  • Self-learning material
  • Audio/Video CDs
  • Assignments, Practical, Projects and Case studies with real time exposure
  • Electronic library resources
  • Study material provided online
  • Access to recorded lectures online and lecturers who guide and support you
  • Study groups and online discussion forums
  • Week-end or online orientation sessions               

The SRM IST has taken a number of initiatives and defined steps with a new educational paradigm benefiting from technological innovations in the realm of distance education. The goal is to maximize the learning outcome and reduce the learner resistance due to the absence of face-to-face interaction in distance education mode.

The web portal of SRM IST is a medium for the dissemination of knowledge, skill enrichment and exchange of experience and collaborative participation. The Services made available by the portal includes:

  • Provide orientation sessions
  • Engage Self-directed individualized learning and improve problem solving skill
  • Mentoring to take the learner along the right path
  • Encourage peer-group interaction, and social net-working
  • Provide support services via mail, News and Messages
  • Interactive Webcasting by involving professionals/experts from industries and institutions to interact with the learners
  • Flexible learning through access to pre-recorded digital stream lectures at learners’ convenience