Directorate of Distance Education

Distance education gives you the flexibility to acquire a university degree without needing to visit a campus often. As a distance education student you study the program content through a number of means including the use of online discussion forums, electronic library resources, by contacting Faculty, and receiving all study materials online. Distance education programs at SRM IST can be pursued without the time and place constrains.

There is a variety of ways that students can complete their studies through distance learning. The main feature of this is that in general, students are not required to be physically present in the classroom, and this gives them the freedom to study from anywhere and whenever they want. However students would stand to benefit through some face to face contact in the form of Personal Contac Programmes.

In the past there were various approaches to this type of study, including the use of printed material, videos, audio-tapes, and CD-ROMs. More recently there has been a shift to the use of email and the social networking sites, and now many distance programmess are offered online using various Learning Management Systems. Our experienced team of staff is dedicated to provide you with a high level of support, to offer a number of services that are available for use at any time from wherever you may be studying.