Event Name Date
SRM Hackathon 3.0 Report 12 - 13th October 2018
May 05,2018  
Seminar On SaleForce Apr 09,2018
Mar 20,2018
Mar 23,2018
CSI Sponsered Seminar On "Nature Inspired Computing&quot Mar 19,2018
Workshop on Foundations of Deep Learning 5th - 7th Mar 2018
Verve 1.0 Report Feb 16,17, 2018
Seminar based on internship at NTU, Singapore Feb 8, 2018
Jan 4,2018
National Workshop on Software Reliability Engineering and Machine Learning 04th-08th Sep 2017
Seminar on Make in IT Career 6th Sep 2017
Guest Lectures on deep learning Applications and Models 31st Aug 2017
Workshop on Developing Applications for Android Platform 7th Aug – 9th Aug 2017
Inauguration of CSI Chapter Feb 2nd 2017
Faculty Development Program on "Open Stack operational and Development" Jan 13, 2017
Workshop on “Cloud and Devos” Jan 12, 2017
National Conference on “Big Data for all” Nov 28 to Nov 29, 2016
Workshop on Open Stack: From Theory to Practice -An Activity Driven Workshop 15th -16th Sep 2016
Workshop on "Design and Analysis of Efficient Algorithms and its Applications Aug 22 to Aug 26, 2016
Faculty Development Program on “Oracle 12 C/Information Technology/Embedded Lab“ April 11 to April 18, 2016
National Conference on Big Data Analytics and IoT 23rd -24th Mar 2016
Redhat Linux and Cloud Workshop March 15, 2016
Faculty Development Program on “Malware Analysis” Feb 15 to Feb 19, 2016
Windows 10 Programming Workshop 7th -9th Sep 2015
Workshop on Recent Trends in Algorithms and Data Structures 21st Aug, 2015
Webinar on Java, Oracle certification 12th Mar 2015
Cloud Security Issues 11th-12th Mar 2015
Emerging Trends in IT and IOT 4th Mar 2015
Network Simulation and Modeling using NS2 27th Feb 2015
Workshop on Risk Management 21st Feb 2015
AXIATECH 25th – 26th Sep 2014
Workshop on Research Incubator Program 19th Sep 2014
Workshop on Mobile & User experience-emerging trends 18th Sep 2014
Workshop on Performance Engineering of Enterprise Application in Mobile Computing & Big Data 18th Sep 2014
Workshop on Information Security and Ethical Hacking 3rd – 5th Mar 2014
National Workshop on 3D and Animation 3rd Feb 2014
National Seminar on recent research trends in cloud computing 20th – 21st Jan 2014
National workshop on semantic web: Research applications &tools 13th Nov 2013
FDP on "Efficient Document Writing Using Latex “ 6th Aug 2013
National Conference on Cloud and Big Data 18th – 19th Mar 2013
Seminar on Constraint Programming for Problem Solving 6th Mar 2013
Recent Trends in the IT market, Tektronix 20th Feb 2013
Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics 4th -7th Feb 2013
Workshop on Penetration Testing 15th -16th Oct 2012
Workshop on Android Programming 26th-28th Sep 2012
IT Trends expectations from IT graduates, Accenture 3rd Aug 2012
National Conference on Advances in Computer and Communication Technologies (NCACCT-2012) 11th – 12th Apr 2012