2 Day Workshop on Statistical Data Analysis and Interpretation for Social Science

Start: 03-12-2019


Organised by Department of Commerce, Faculty of Science and Humanities, SRM IST, Kattankulathur

Statistics plays an important role in every field of human activity. Importance of statistics is far-reaching and encompasses almost every possible domain. Accordingly it is necessary to understand the basic concepts of statistics in terms of data analysis and interpretation for doing a research. This workshop has been arranged specially for M.Com students and final year students of Department of commerce. This has been coordinated by, Dr. S. Tamilarasi  , Dr. R. Angayarkanni and Dr. E. Sambasivan

Day 1

On this day, students have been taught various technical aspects of  social science research by the guest speaker Dr A.G Vijayanarayanan Associate Professor from Vels University. Our guest speaker started the Morning session by explaining some of the essential concepts in Statistics that is used in research part. The afternoon session was a practical session where the guest speaker explained about using SPSS software for statistics data analysis and interpretation to the students.

Day 2

This day was an another technical day with quick brushing up of theoretical concepts of statistical data analysis and interpretation by our department faculties. 

Faculty Speakers for Day 2:

  • Dr. S. Chitra 
  • Dr. E. Sambasivan
  • Dr. D. Durairaj
  • 4. Mr. Mahesh Kumar. T