Workshop on Responsible Alcohol Service

Food & Beverage Service is a core area in the B.Sc. Hospitality & Hotel Administration curriculum and is covered prominently in all the three years of the program. The subject covers International and Indian Food and Beverages and teaches students about their origin, storage and service methods. Consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is gaining popularity amongst the young with opening up of several pubs and night clubs in our cities. As students and faculty of Hotel Management, they have to be imbibed with awareness about responsible drinking and educating the public about the harmful use of alcohol  including under-age drinking, binge drinking and drinking driving.

National Council for Hotel Management organized a 2-day workshop for faculty of  Hotel management on 'Responsible Alcohol Service’ at Institute of Hotel Management, Bengaluru on 7th and 8th November 2016 (Monday & Tuesday). Our faculty member Mr. John Christopher Solomon  participated and got trained on Responsible Alcohol Service.