Workshop – Modernist Cuisine at Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa, Pune


Our Chef Ramesh had participated in the Modernist cuisine workshop for Four days from 17th  - 20th  November 2016 in Ecole Hoteliere, Lavasa, Pune.

Workshop Description:

Workshop will try and focus on modern techniques used in the culinary world today. Applications of different hydrocolloids and ingredients to achieve favorable or better results would be the primary focus.

Instructors: Chef Mohib Farooqui and Chef Kritika Suratkal

Food scientists have always stocked their R&D laboratories with libraries of gums, starches, and flavors that represent every product line their suppliers have to offer. Starches can thicken up a BBQ sauce, gums can help suspend particulates in a salad dressing and flavors are used to cut costs and improve taste. These ingredients were once used exclusively by professional food technologists, who sought to make products look and taste homemade, even after being subjected to harsh processing conditions and having one year shelf lives. In time though, curious chefs discovered our treasure chests of functional industrial ingredients and started using them to create foods that had never been seen before. But these new creations were the exact opposite of the “homemade” essence that food technologists had strived so hard to achieve. That’s how a unique style of cooking, inaccurately called “molecular gastronomy,” was born.