Student Testimonial - Sujith Vijaya Kumar

Sujith Vijaya Kumar, student of SRM-CMU MSIT-Embedded Software Engineering course and winner of SRM’s first merit scholarship under the partnership, talks about his time at CMU on the course:

“It’s been an amazing adventure. The journey, from the sultry unpredictable weather at Chennai to the frigid unpredictable weather at Pittsburgh, feels like I have travelled between two worlds, but on deeper thought the difference is not as pronounced.

While my friends and I learnt about the various aspects of Software Architecture, Software Testing and Maintenance and Real Time Systems at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) we are learning about Embedded Real Time Systems along with the Capstone Project at Carnegie Mellon University. These courses have complemented each other to mould us into true Embedded Software Engineers.

The professors are extremely amiable. The course work, though intense and time-consuming, is designed to give one an in-depth understanding of the field and is highly rewarding. As an aspiring Embedded Software Engineer with interest in Firmware Development and RTOS I have found the Embedded Real Time Systems course to be highly relevant and modern.

The Capstone Project, mentored by one of the Professors at the Institute for Software Research, is an excellent opportunity to simulate the experience of developing a complete system for an industrial or academic client under a controlled supervision of the professors and other mentors in the department.

The Independent Study provides the student an opportunity to explore his/her own field of interest and receive a grade for the same! I have been completely relishing this opportunity of studying at two top-notch universities and the adventure has still just begun!”