SRM School of Teacher Education and Research - M.Phil Awarded in 2016

SRM School of Teacher Education and Research - M.Phil Awarded in 2016
Sl.No Name of the Student Programme M.Phil/
Department Title/Topic Research Name and Academic
Qualifications of the Research supervisor
1 A.Ramachandran M.Phil Education

Emotional Intelligence, School Adjustment Ability and Academic Achievement of Class XI STD Students in Chengalpattu District

Mrs. Dr. N.Prema, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D
2 N.Sureka M.Phil Education

Examination Ethics, Anxiety and Stress among XI STD Students in Chengalpattu District 

Dr.T.Sivakamasundari, Ph.D
3 P.Karthikeyan M.Phil Education

Mental Health, Religious Attitute and Academic Ahievement of Higher Secondary School Students in Dharmapuri District



Dr. T. Sivakamasundari, Ph.D
4 P.Saravanan M.Phil Education

The Influence of Creativity and Home Environment of the XI STD Students on their Academic Achievement 

Dr.M. Rajendran., M.A.(Eng),M.Sc.(Psy),M.Ed.,M.Phil.,PGDTE.,Ph.D.
5 P.D. Rajeshwari M.Phil Education

Attitude of Teachers towards Teaching Higher Secondary Mathematics in Mother Tongue and their Adjusting Behavior with the Students

Dr.M. Rajendran., M.A.(Eng),M.Sc.(Psy),M.Ed.,M.Phil.,PGDTE.,Ph.D.
6 M.Vasantham M.Phil Education

A Study on Impact of Leadership Qualities and Self-Acceptance on Academic Achievment of Class XI Students 

Dr. (Mrs.) Bharathi K. Kumar.MA., M.Ed., Ph.D.