SRM Innovation and Incubation Centre Annual Common Recruitment

Annoncements Description: 

SRM Innovation and Incubation Centre (SIIC) cordially invites you to take the first step in creating that better tomorrow to be in.

SIIC is an organization with a mission to promote the right practices of Engineering. The organization's vision is to provide a common platform to create a knowledge sharing hub. After being reborn again, the organization aims to solve problems like resourcing inventory and providing professional training to enhance one's dream projects. Some of the main features of the organization are:

1) Bank of Inventory
2) Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab)
3) Professional Training Program
4) Plan 10

SIIC comprises of 11 technical teams namely ASV,AURA LAB, AUV, ETROS, HUMANOID, ROBOCON, RUDRA, SCRO,UAV, VAIMAANIX and WELKINSAT. Each team is a very reputed group of ever evolving student body in their chosen fields. SIIC's recruitment serves as a gateway for you all to join up with either of these teams and join them in achieving their glory. And if neither of the teams hold your gaze, joining any competition will never be a problem. The organization brings you the opportunitiy to pursue your ideas and enhance your abilities. So hurry and sign up for the common recruitment at