SRM IAS Academy


India is undoubtedly seen in the world as a rising economic power with global responsibilities in the international system. Hence the need of the hour nationally is a highly talented, efficient and competent group of young men and women to manage the evolving scheme of things as well as to shoulder high stake responsibilities as the country charts its course and destiny given the challenges of modernization and globalization.

Against this exciting backdrop, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) has started an "Academy" that is primarily intended to produce top notch and first rate citizens who will be well placed to handle the intricate issues of domestic and foreign policy. The SRM IAS Academy will train candidates for the national competitive services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission and the examinations at the State levels conducted by the respective State Public Service Commissions. The coaching of candidates will be for both the preliminary and the main examinations. Admission to the Academy is open to First Class graduates of any discipline.