Details of Ph.D. Awarded

SI. No Name of the Candidate Supervisor Thesis Title
1. Leenus Jesu Martin. M Dr. D. Kingsly Jeba Singh Experimental investigations to improve the performance of cotton seed oil fuelled diesel engine
2. Mathivanan. P Dr. M. Balakrishnan Studies on the mechanical properties of aluminium - glass fiber reinforced plastics hybrid laminates
3. Rajasekaran T Dr.B.K.Vinayagam Investigation on the Modeling and Optimization in Machining Characteristics of CFRP Composites
4. Varatharajan K Dr.M.Cheralathan Effect of Antioxidant Additives on Nox Emissions From A Jatropha Biodiesel Fuelled Di Diesel Engine
5. Prabhu S Dr.B.K.Vinayagam Investigations on the surface characteristics of GRINDING and EDM processes using carbon nanotubes
6. Kasiraman G Dr.M.Balakrishnan Experimental investigations to improve the performance of cashew nut shell oil fuelled direct injection diesel engine by blending secondary liquid fuels
7 Saravanan P Dr. L. Antony Michael Raj Investigation on process parameters of electric discharge machining of titanium grade 5 alloy
8 Stalin John M R Dr. B. K. Vinayagam Investigations on the effects of roller and ball burnishing processes on ferrous and non ferrous alloys
9 P.Chandrasekaran Dr.M.Cheralathan Experimental investigations on subcooling and heat transfer enhancement during solidification process in a spherical capsule for cool thermal energy storage system
10 Balaji G Dr.M.Cheralathan Experimental investigation on the effect of using additives on the performance and emission characteristics of MENO fuelled DI engine.
11 Senthil R Dr.M.Cheralathan Experimental study on thermal performance of the solar parabolic dish concentrating receiver