Yesterday I received the Degree Certificate of my daughter, Juhi Anjali, B.Tech (Chemical)-2008, sent by your Office on my request. I was overwhelmed with your instant response and told my all colleagues about how fast and efficiently your institute is working. I applied only on 21.03.09 and in just four days i.e. on 25.03.09, I got it. I am amazed at the speed at which you responded and at the same time, I'm filled with pride and joy that my daughter graduated from your college.

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about her future, when I got her admitted in your college. I had some initial doubts, as after all SRM is a private institute. But the way the faculty and all people associated with your college shape the future of students - I am proud to declare that I have got my daughter educated in one of the best institutions in the country.

She got a placement in T.C.S. in third year, where her friends from I.I.T. also got placed. Now I have no regrets that she could not study in I.I.T., as S.R.M. was as good as I.I.T., if not better. It really is!

At present she is in Manchester (England) with her husband. She is seeking admission in an advanced course in Manchester University. S.R.M. has imbibed in her a strong zeal to study further and to excel in whatever pursuit she is in. Thanks a lot. 

Somnath Burnwal,
Sr. Manager (Publicity) ,
Allahabad Bank,
Head Office, 2, N. S. Road ,
Kolkata - 700 001.