Mou Signed Between Intercontinental Hotels Group & SRM IHM

This IHG Academy Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) is made by and between IHG and SRM IHM whereas, IHG has created a program known as the “IHG Academy,” which is developed and operated in collaboration with educational and/or community institutions around the world, the purpose of which is to provide individuals with skills development and opportunities to gain work experiences at IHG’s corporate offices or in hotels owned or operated by IHG or its affiliates; and

Whereas, IHG and Organization desire to work together in the development and delivery of an IHG Academy (the “Program”); and

Whereas, the purpose of this MOU is to formalize the collaboration between IHG and the Organization in the development and delivery of the Program

In this regard MOU was signed by Mr. Vijai Singh, GM, IHG Mahabalipuram, and our Director Dr. D. Antony Ashok Kumar on 18th September, 2015.

Signed MOU was exchanged between our Director and Ms. Mohanapriya, HR Manager, IHG Mahabalipuram.