Guest Lecture by Dr.Thanga Tamil Vanan on Replacement of Laboratory Animals in Research

SRM College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacology had organized a Continuing Pharmacy Education program focusing on the topic “Replacement of Laboratory animals in Research” by Dr.ThangaTamil Vanan, M.V.Sc., Professor & Head, Department of Livestock production and Management, Madras Veterinary College on September 27, 2013.
The importance of  3R in Livestock maintenance was highlighted in the seminar.1R stands for Replacement of animals by adopting invitro cell culture techniques, 2R-denotes Reduction in number or size animals to be limited and the 3R implies Refinement of modern techniques to minimize or eliminate pain in the animals in order  to enrich the environment.

The guest lecture stressed on minimizing the use of animals in research and to encourage the implementation of cell culture and simulated techniques for the better preservation of nature’s resources.