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Going International...

Going International...

Two students of SRM School of Management, Ashwini Balasundaram and Jolly James have got a reason to be happy for they have been selected to be a part of the prestigious Second Journal Conference on Trade, Economics and Finance (JCTEF), 2012, at Hong Kong. Their research paper titled Bio fuel - Fuel for future classified under the category of Alternative Energy has received accolades for its content presentation and originality.

The research findings involved the process of extraction of biofuels for an alternate solution for fuel for the future. The paper is a wonderful blend of Biotechnology and management applications, thereby giving the proposed solution a new dimension and perspective. The paper was triple blind reviewed by the international experts all over the world for its correctness, originality, technical aspects, research depth, correction, contribution and readability.

It is indeed a great recognition for Ashwini and Jolly, to have been invited to present their paper to the august gathering at the conference. It is to be noted that the research paper presentations are invited from over 10 countries out of which only a select 35 were handpicked by the global experts in trade, economics and finance. Their paper would find its way to the prestigious trade journal publication, which is one of its kinds in the industry.

Both Jolly James and AshwiniBalasundaram are two passionate management students who have their interest inclined towards science and technology for developing a sustainable environment.