Department of Political Science

One of the traditional branches of higher study in India and the world, the offering of Political Science is at the Master's level and is intended to keep the student abreast with the various happenings in the domestic and foreign fronts. The goings on within India itself cannot be seen in a scatter shot context and hence the need to highlight the various frameworks available to the student to get a better perspective and grip on the events unfolding on a daily basis.

At the theoretical level the focus is not just on the several theories of the state that are still debated and bandied about but also to step away from traditional approaches to see how best the politically functional aspects in a society can be better analyzed. The study of Political Science will also see a student trying to come to grips with Comparative Politics, Political Modernisation and Dependency and to see the various linkages and their current relevance. Is all politics comparative, as some claim it is?

In practical terms the Master's program is also designed with the Indian civil Services Examinations in mind, both at the central and state levels. From the syllabus and through the lectures a student will see the advantage of opting for this course especially if civil service is the intended objective.