Department of Hindi


The Department of Hindi started in the year 2003 to offer General Hindi as an optional language to the students of B.Sc Biotechnology. In nine years it has grown to offer General Hindi course to all the First Year Under graduate students of the Faculty of Science and Humanities. Currently it offers the course to ten Departments.

The Department offers a wide range in the syllabus that includes not only literature but also Grammar and Translation Studies. This would provide a wide scope for the students to refine the language and equip themselves for translation, media and press and in IT sectors for content writing. The syllabus is revised once in every three years with the advice of the members of the Board of Studies.

Special coaching is given to the students who are not from the Hindi background but taken Hindi as their optional language. The department also encourages the non-Hindi students to learn Hindi if they are interested.

Besides focusing on the curriculum, the department actively involves in other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through its Hindi Literary Club called Tejas. It conducts various seminars, workshops and conferences to enrich the student's knowledge. Inter-department, intra-department and inter-collegiate competitions are conducted to showcase the various skills of the students.

The Department organized several programmes. In 2007, held the inauguration of Tejas-the Hindi Literary Club; a workshop on the Importance of Hindi; in 2009 a state Level Seminar on Bilingual Studies and in 2011 organized a State Level Seminar on Globalization and Translation. National Level Seminar on the role of translation and journalism in modern Hindi literature was conducted the Department of Hindi in 2012.