Department of French


French is a romance language spoken as a first language by most people from France, Second language speakers of French are throughout the world. French is estimated as having between 70 million and 110 million native speakers and 190 million second language speakers. French is the second-most studied foreign language in the world. In the 21st century, French served as the pre - eminent international language of diplomacy and international affairs, as well as a lingua franca among the educated classes of Europe. The dominant position of the French language has only recently been overshadowed by English. Its development was also influenced by the native Celtic languages of Roman Gaul and by the (Germanic) Frankish language of the post-Roman Frankish invaders.

French is one of the first three International Languages that are widely spoken across the world. The world is now a global village, the competition for jobs and business are now on the rise and this means that people have to be more creative so as to be ready to face the global challenges. This paradigm shift has made people of different professions, ages and origins  to move away from the traditional education systems and take a step either  physically or virtually  to learn other languages so as to communicate widely as they are competing  for the limited resources on the globe.

The Department of French at the Faculty of Science and Humanities was established in 2005 with two students. At present the student enrollment in French is more than 200 including foreign students from Nigeria, China and Japan. Now French is offered to all departments.

The faculty members consistently enrich their knowledge by pursuing higher studies and by conducting various seminars, conferences and workshops, besides presenting papers and publishing articles.
Once every three years the department of French invites the highly qualified and experienced academicians to revise the syllabus. The present syllabus is set with an object to cater the students of all backgrounds irrespective of the medium of instruction they had studied in school. The syllabus is equally balanced with Literature and the technical and functional use of French Language. At present the syllabus is revised the current scenario.

  • To introduce students to basic principles and practice of oral and written communication
  • To enable students to appreciate the role of the different grammatical elements and structures of the French language
  • To scan the artistic environment of the different literary genres in French and introduce basic skills of literary criticism in French.
  • To trace the cultural, socio-economic and political map of France and understudy the emerging trends
  • Scan the working environment of French for Specific Purposes and enable students to use it in the different development sectors
The Department of French organized various conferences and seminars for First year students:
  • In 2010 a State Level Seminar on "Recent trends in French, in India",
  • In 2011 a State Level Seminar on "Role of Cultural Elements in Teaching French",
  • In 2012 a Multi Lingual Literacy Fest in French, on “The Cultural Elements in a Francophone Country”,
  • In 2013 three day an International Conference in French, on “Espace Française et Francophone: Le monde en Marche”,
  • In 2014 One day Seminar in French on “Importance of French Language in the World”.
  • In 2014 One Day Workshop in  French on “French as A Foreign Language in India”