Department of Computer Science


The Department aims to bring Innovation in technology; to go beyond fundamentals with a view to building interest in students for specialized research; guide students in the development of new languages and to instill interest in hardware production; to create the ability in students for better hardware production; to develop new languages; to invent new operating system; and to develop data base languages.

Inculcating job - oriented, value based quality education in the discipline where students will be well versed in Micro computer system and software development together with quality interpersonal and professional skills. The curriculum reflects the depth and width of Computer Science, with a hands on understanding of technology.

The department offers a three year BSc degree in Computer Science and in Information Systems and Management.

State of the art laboratories are provided for post graduates and research scholars. All the software labs are internet connected to give interface to global environment.

Industrial visits are a part of the academic environment. The Department enjoys good relations with some of the top Companies like CTS, WIPRO, INFOSYS and HCL. Seminars, Symposium and Workshops are conducted to keep students updated with new technologies of different industries.

The Department associates with the student organization, Fabuloush with a view to developing it professionally.

The placement cell provides students with every opportunity to enter top ranking companies like HCL, HP, INFOSYS and the like.