Curriculum and Syllabus for First Year B.Tech (ALL Branches)

Syllabus - B.Tech First Year
15AE101L - Artifact Dissection
15AR101 - Principles of Architecture
15AS101- Elements of Aeronautics
15BT101 - Biology for Engineers
15BT102 - Human Physiology and Health
15CE101 Basic Civil Engineering
15CE102 - Elements of Building Material Science
15CS101L- Programming Lab
15CY101 - Chemistry
15CY101L - Chemistry Laboratory
15CY102 - Principles of Environmental Science
15CY104 - Material Technolgy
15EC101- Basic Electronics Engineering
15EC102L - Electronics Engineering Practice
15EE101- Basic Electrical Engineering
15EE102L- Electrical Engineering Practice
15EE103- Analysis of Electric Circuits
15EE103L- Electric Circuits Laboratory
15GN101 - Cell Biology and Cytogenetics
15IT101L- Computer Hardware and Trouble Shooting Laboratory
15IT102L- Program Design and Development Laboratory
15IT102-Program Design and Development
15LE101 - English
15LE102 Value Education
15MA101- Calculus and Solid Geometry
15MA102- Advanced Calculus and Complex Analysis
15MA103 - Matrices and Calculus
15MA104- Multiple Integrals and Differential Equations
15ME101 - Basic Mechanical Engineering
15ME102 - Engineering Mechanics
15ME103L - Active Learning Laboratory
15ME104L - Workshop Practice
15ME105L - Engineering Graphics
15NT101- Elements of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
15PD101 - Soft Skills - I
15PD102 - Soft Skills - II
15PY101L- Physics Lab
15PY101- Physics
15PY102L- Material Science
15BT103 - Biochemistry
15BT103L - Biochemistry Laboratory

Curriculum - B.Tech First Year