Contest Winners


Bipasha Bhattacharjee

"My daughter used to be very unruly and hot tempered before going to college. But SRM has mellowed her down, given her a sense of independence and added a new dimension to her life. Joining SRM has changed her life radically and beautifully."

- Moushmi & Deepanker Bhattacharjee


Akshay Grover

"SRM has provided my son the right platform in the form of environment, experience and education. The has taught him the mantra to succeed in life by way of 7P's - Purpose, Principle, Planning, Practice, Perseverance, Patience and Pride."

- Shimona & Raju Grover



"SRM has put my son on the right track. He loves the college campus, the academics and the efforts for placement etc."

- Amudhavalli & Manoharan


Jaswanth Bharath Veerapaneni

"SRM has given our son an opportunity to showcase his zeal to learn Computer Science and Engineering. It has also given him strength, resilience and mature thinking. I appreciate the efforts of SRM management in ensuring a friendly atmosphere."

- Sree Devi & Vijay Gopal Veerapaneni


Dhruv Narayan Kaushik

"We got to know about SRM from a book seller while purchasing the Application Form for B.Tech for our Son. And since then, we have been very impressed by the institution. SRM has helped build his interests and we are so happy we made the right choice."

- Alka & Ajay Kumar Kaushik


M. Swati

"SRM has given my daughter a lot of confidence and is shaping up her personality so well, I'm truly proud of her. I'm confident that she will turn out to be smart and talented, and will get an excellent opportunity to apply all the knowledge she has gained here."

- M. Padma & MVB Charyulu


Mahtab Haider

"We are so glad our son joined M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) at SRM. Though we had a few doubts initially, we know now that we have made the right choice as he has gained a lot from SRM - more than we expected!"

- Haidari Rizvi & Mohammad Ahmad


Deepthi T

"Deepthi used to be very timid. But after joining SRM, she has become very bold. Girls are treated on par with the boys here and this has given her a lot of confidence. She has also gained many skills - SRM is an asset to her! Thank you SRM!"

- T. Padma Sree & T.K.Moorthy


Murali Krishnan P.S.

"When Murali finished his schooling he was a shy and down to earth person and in these two years, I have seen him change drastically. He looks forward to going to college every day. Thanks to SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) for doing this to my son."

- Vijaya Lakshmi P.S. & Murali Krishnan P.S.


Nataraja Sanjeevanan

"When my son came to SRM from Sri Lanka, he was from the Tamil medium and could not understand English. He used to be afraid of speaking to others too. But now he is able to speak English fluently and can communicate with anyone."

- Leela & Nataraja


Navdeep Singh

"For us SRM stands for Spirituality, Respect and Manage things easily. Our son has understood three words from this temple of learning. Thank you SRM for your support that has transformed him from a simple student to a high learner and thinker."

- Narender Kaur & Rajinder Singh


Prakhar Dubey

"SRM really turned the boy around. His personality has improved a lot. In fact, he has become more sincere now, thanks a lot to SRM!"

- Sunita & Dr. Alok Kumar Dubey


Pratik Kumar Kundu

"SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) is a 'heaven on earth' - our 2nd home! Pratik has now become a Biotech Engineer. He learnt the values of responsibility, discipline, tradition & self-esteem here. SRM made him not only an engineer but also a socially-conscious human being."

- Rita & Dr. Prabir Kundu


Prayas Kalita

"Our son has transformed a lot after coming to SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University). SRM has given new dimensions to his life and has given him the resilience and strength to face different situations in life. He is a better child now and a great person too."

- Anjellina & Rajib Lochan Kalita


Rajeev Mahadevan

"Before coming to SRM, Rajeev was without a specific goal. After joining SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), we find that he is really focused about his life and Career. We think the competitive environment and the exposure at SRM have brought about this change."

- Radha Mahadevan


S. Aadithya

"In just one year, SRM has transformed our beloved son from a normal boy to a mature gentleman and a budding engineer who has also imbibed many social values. He is now more responsible, confident, studious and bubbling with enthusiasm to achieve his goals."

- P.V. Usha Rani & S. Sridhar


Saravanan Ilangovan

"An amazing university SRM with its world-class infrastructure and faculty has helped our son a lot."

- Mallika & P.L.Ilangovan


M. Srikarthik

"I'm happy to note that my son is now able to meet/handle any eventuality / circumstances independently. After joining SRM, he developed a lot of self-confidence - thanks to the assuring guidance given by faculty."

- M. Rajalakshmi & G. Muthu Krishnan


Sumit Kumar

"Our son Sumit's communication skills have improved a lot! Thanks to SRM!"

- Lalita Devi & Subodh Prasad Sah


Yogender Jain

"We are proud to declare that our son is studying in India's top prestigious university. SRM has helped build his personality and bring laurels to his family. Our son is so proud to be a SRM Student."

- Sangeetha & Rajender Jain