B.Tech (2004 Curriculum)

Curriculum and Syllabus 2013-14 onwards
B.Tech - Chemical Engineering
B.Tech - Open Electives

Curriculum and Syllabus 2007-08 to 2012-13
B.Tech - Chemical Engineering

Lesson Plan

B.Tech (2011 - 2012 Lesson Plan)

B.Tech (2010 - 2011 Lesson Plan)

B.Tech. Lesson Plan (2015 – 2016 3th semester)

15CH201 Industrial Organic Chemistry

15CH202 Chemical Process Calculation

15CH204 Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics

B.Tech. Lesson Plan (2015 – 2016 4th semester)

15CH207J Physical and Analytical Chemistry

15CH208 Basic Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

15CH209 Principles of Mass Transfer

B.Tech. Lesson Plan (2015 – 2016 5th semester)

15CH301 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

15CH303 Mass Transfer Applications

15CH305J Computational Techniques in Chemical Engineering

B.Tech. Lesson Plan (2015 – 2016 6th semester)

15CH307 Transport Phenomena Fundamentals

15CH308 Process Dynamics, Control and Instrumentation

15CH309 Reactor Analysis and Catalysis

B.Tech. Lesson Plan (2015 – 2016 7th semester)

15CH404M Multi-Disciplinary Design