Department of Commerce



Sharp minds are at work at the School of Commerce, where students learn the latest trends in business, commerce and entrepreneurship. The faculty's enthusiasm to impart quality education is reflected in the student's inclination for perfection.

The scholarly faculty team guides students at every step, motivating them to become worthy managers and administrators in the field. They engage in various forums to constantly upgrade their own skills and to ensure the students are well prepared to succeed.

The three year UG degree program and the two year PG degree program lay stress on vital subjects like accounting, taxation, computer application, banking, managerial economics, business law, e - commerce, e - banking, statistics and tally.

Aside from the general three year B.Com degree, the department also offers the degree in specialized areas such as Corporate Secretaryship, Bank Management, Marketing Management and Accounting and Finance.

The syllabus is constantly updated to reflect new trends in the subject and to take advantage of the latest infrastructure. Students also avail of a new state of the art computer lab.

Nothing compares to hands on experience. Students are acclimatized to the workplace through periodic industrial visits. Focus is also given to new age e - commerce and e - business, which are making an impact in the field. The school also organizes career guidance and entrepreneurial development programs to upgrade their skills and make them industry ready.