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From Head’s Desk

Statistics plays a major role in almost every field of human activity. It has been receiving undisrupted attention, appreciation and acknowledgement due to its important role in the evidence-based decision making process. Since statistics extracts valuable information from data, it is gradually becoming an essential component of all walks of life. Strategic use of statistics by decision/policy makers, researchers, government and private agencies is making a huge impact on reshaping the society in many ways. The advent of modern computing facility and the recent emergence of “Big Data” and Data Science further expanded the application and benefits of this subject. Creating awareness among scholars for this subject which plays an important role in data analysis is the need of the hour.

Establishing the Center for Statistics is a novel endeavor of SRM Institute of Science and Technology. It aims to cater to the needs applicable to statistics of various students, research scholars and faculty in the campus. It also helps scholars to acquire appropriate skills and competencies in data analysis to solve real-life problems scientifically. It further intends to bring

together multi-disciplinary researchers from across the university who could benefit immensely by gaining new insights about overcoming academic and nonacademic challenges. The main

functions of the centre includes organizing statistics based courses/workshops, assisting scholars in data analysis and interpretation, offering consultancy services to corporate agencies and many more. Students, research scholars and faculty are advised to make use of this centre which is located in Room No.3, 13 th Floor of our University building.

You are most welcome to give your suggestions at statcentre@srmist.edu.in.

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