Centre for Statistics



The Data Analytic Unit

  • This unit is the main part of the Centre. Any research problem can be converted into a statistical problem and solution can be found if the problem and objectives are explained properly.

  • Data analysis will be done and suitable help will be provided in interpreting the output of statistical data analysis. 

The Statistical Consultancy Unit

The main activity of this unit is to offer statistical services for external users on payment basis. The following services will be provided.

  • Grant Writing

  • Designing Questionnaires

  • Survey Methodology

  • Data Analysis

  • Interpretation

  • Report Writing 

 This centre proposes to use methodology which reflects the latest developments in statistical research.


This centre proposes to adopt paperless communication with all offices, departments, schools and centers of all campuses of our institute.


  • The internal users are undergraduate and postgraduate students, research scholars and faculty of all discipline of our institution.

  • External users are public and private commercial bodies and organizations.


It will be nominal for internal users whereas it will be commercial for external customers.

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