Centre for Statistics



Centre for Statistics is the hub of Statistical Training, Research and Consultancy within the SRM Institute of Science & Technology. The aim of the new centre is to bring together multidisciplinary students, research scholars, and faculty with the expertise to bring fresh thinking and collaboration to meet the new challenges within our institution. This centre represents the next chapter for our institution as a leader in statistical applications and data science. It proposes to

  • Pursue excellence in  statistical training and research

  • Act as a focus for statistical activity within our institute

  • Develop a dynamic partnership between academia and industry

  • Promote the use of statistics in all areas applicable including industry, technology and community

It consists of four units. The first unit is the statistical cell which collects and prepares reports after analyzing relevant data regarding different activities of our institution for decision making. The second unit is the training unit which offers training programmes to maintain the quality of teaching of courses related to Statistics, and the third is the data analytic unit which provides data analysis and interpretation facility. Finally, the consultancy unit is the fourth which proposes to offer statistical services to industry and commercial organization.

Expected Outcome

The following are the expected outcomes of this centre:

  • Development of our institute database for analytical purposes.

  • Increase in the quality of teaching and research being done in our institute.

  • Collaboration between industry and institution will intensify, in turn increasing the visibility of our institute.

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