About the Department

Welcome to SRM Institute of Science and Technology’s Centre for Performing and Fine Arts. Here you’ll find an energetic community of artists and scholars who balance a commitment to tradition with a willingness to cross artistic boundaries. The Centre for Performing and Fine Arts boasts a nationally recognized faculty, a world renowned Advisory Board and offers state of the art facilities for the students. The Centre will provide several recital and concert venues for students, faculty, and visiting artists alike for the students of Performing Arts and opportunities to exhibit designs and merchandise for the Fashion Designing students. In fact, many of SRM’s undergraduate students pursue courses in disciplines ranging from the sciences to the humanities, and all of our students are encouraged to explore the manifold connections between Arts and the wider world of which it is such a vital part.

Our students will launch their careers and gain valuable real-world experience by taking full advantage of the professional opportunities and cultural riches offered by Chennai’s vibrant cultural scene.  They will also benefit from a unique, collaborative relationship by regular contact with renowned visiting artists and experts in the form of master classes and career workshops.  The result is set to be a truly inspirational setting in which to hone one’s artistic skill and scholarly abilities!   

Now is an exciting time to be at SRM’s Centre for Performing and Fine Arts, which is poised to take great leaps forward and to build upon its illustrious legacy and established reputation nationally and around the globe.  I invite you to join us and to leave your distinctive mark on this fine institution while receiving the professional tools necessary to live a rich and fulfilling life in the field of Arts.     

Dr. Shobana Vignesh
Head, Centre for Performing Arts