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Community Centers

Giving back to the Community...

Students are initiated into community service at SRM, and are encouraged to actively participate in the many social initiatives such as Annsh - the school for drop-outs, Butterflies project - the cultural and sports forum for underprivileged children etc.

ANNSH School

A school for school dropouts and children of construction workers, 32 children in various age groups study in this school. Located within the SRM campus, the school is run by the students and classes are conducted in the evening hours.

Butterflies Project

Started "to inspire change among the underprivileged", underprivileged children from 25 government and private schools in and around the SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) at Kattankulathur are invited on specific days and sports, literary and cultural events are conducted to nurture their talents.

The children are given an opportunity to perform and showcase their skills, and are inspired to aim higher. The fun and celebration at these events helps improve the children's enthusiasm and enhance their competitiveness.

The Butterflies Project is also an excellent platform for the children to interact with the SRM students and share their hopes and dreams. It brings about a transformation in the children - and in the students too - encouraging them to dream bigger and reach higher.

NGO Canteen

This canteen inside the SRM campus is run by a women's self help group in the women's hostel. It is managed under guidance from 'Hand in Hand', an NGO (Non-Government Organization).

The Impact on Students

These community initiatives inside the SRM campus, also benefit students in many ways. It gives them an opportunity to

  • Participate in student community service projects
  • Attain personal fulfillment
  • Develop strong leadership skills & self-esteem
  • Develop a sense of responsibility
  • Discover their own ability to make a difference - now and in the future