The Directorate of Student Affairs

This Directorate has been providing the counseling services to the Students for the past 13 years. This facility is to help students to deal with their personal problems that affect their education and campus life. it may be fear, anxiety, learning difficulties, self doubts, low self esteem, problems due to comparisons, friendship and relationship issue and habits related issues. The counseling will help them to feel mentally at ease so as to pursue their studies effectively and also have stress free campus life. 

The Directorate is involved in almost all student related activities that help to promote the wellbeing of students by promoting talents at individual and group level. The department is conducts  cultural activities; sports activities in the campus for all disciplines. This is to give an opportunity to express their hidden talents and nurture them. It is also involved in maintaining discipline in the Campus.

The Department of Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry, SRM Hospital, headed by Prof. Dr. M. Thirunavukarasu and guided by Prof. Dr. R. Arul Saravanan is the pivotal centre for mental health care.  With its team of eminent Psychiatrists and young enthusiastic residents who are available in the Hospital 24/7 for addressing any problem related to your Mental Health and Psychological wellbeing, we also offer individualized  counselling, therapy and training for Students and Faculty of SRM IST.

We have also created “Here For You” – the mental health app, which is a reliable, simple and quick solution to answer your worries and queries, conceived by a Psychiatry Postgraduate Dr. Manik Inder Singh, in liaison with students from Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors & Team Envision Aarrush from SRMIST.

The Department of Clinical Psychology

The Department of Clinical Psychology, started in the year 2011, is in SRM Hospital, D – Block extension on the 5th floor.  The Department provides mental health services, such as psychological testing to understand the personality, evaluate the levels of intelligence of individuals. It offers psychological interventions like individual and group psychotherapy, supportive psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Behavior therapy (SFBT), Mindfulness Based Therapy, and behavior Therapy to manage anxiety, Sleep problems, Procrastination, depression, relationship problems, academic difficulties, addiction to substances as well as Smartphone and Internet addictions. Positive psychological techniques are also offered to improve self confidence, personality, problem solving and decision making, self-esteem and mental health.

Wellness Centre

We at SRM believe that there is a triad to a healthy lifestyle. That is "perfect medication, a healthy diet that does not spike one's blood sugar and a moderate, consistent exercise program".  Through a collaboration with doctors and dieticians, the wellness center, gives wellness and fitness routines to clients based on their level of fitness, aliments, and age. The wellness center believes wellness is an act to practice healthy habits on a daily basis, to attain better physical and mental health, and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

The School of Public Health (SPH)

The  School of Public Health (SPH) aims to create public health leaders through interdisciplinary education and research. The University Wellness Program (UWP) launched by SPH aims to achieve wellness of all students on campus. We look at factors that affect students’ wellbeing and ways to address them.