Blooming Beacon - The Light Beyond Darkness

Blooming Beacon, an NGO run by the students of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, is making a giant leap to create history on the 1st of April 2018. Inspired and motivated by Arunachalam Muruganantham and being well aware of the difficulties faced by women in destitute areas of the city, this group of revolutionary students at SRM Institute of Science and Technology initially began a campaign to help the needy women, which now, in a very short span of time, has branched deep and wide. Blooming Beacon is now actively involved in activities with regard to Women Empowerment, Youth Affairs and Social Affairs as well. ‘We decided to take this on as a mission’, said Ayush Dadhich, President of Blooming Beacon, in an interview. Having raised funds and conducted numerous social campaigns until date, Blooming Beacon now stands as one of the well-known NGO organizations in the state, which has also been approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The campaigns conducted include ashram visits, medical camps, food distribution events, awareness programmes, street stores and what not!

Street Stores are shopping stalls for the needy, where Blooming Beacon piles up clothes, mattresses, bed sheets, footwear, and other women accessories including sanitary pads, all for free. The needy can come without a penny and go back with all they wished for! After two iterations of Street Store events that happened in 2015 and 2017, Blooming Beacon is now back with a bang – the next Street Store – Chapter 3 is fast approaching, this time with mammoth amounts of amenities for the needy.

On the 1st of April 2018, Blooming Beacon’s Street Store – Chapter 3 has been scheduled to take place at Sembakkam Municipality Community Hall, Kamarajapuram, Chennai from 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM. So, what makes this so unique? The Street Store – Chapter 3 is going to be the world’s biggest street store event that has ever taken place, which is going to be recognised and recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records and the Limca Book of Records. The aim of this massive Street Store is to satisfy at least 15,000 oppressed people by giving clothes, toys, mattresses, women accessories and a lot more. The Street Store – Chapter 3 also marks the launch of the campaign ‘Gift Pads – Gift Hygiene’, which targets to provide sanitary pads to 2000 women/girls for a year. This event is sure to give a dignified and worthy shopping experience to the needy, and Blooming Beacon will make sure that the needy who come to the campaign would get back with their hands full of amenities and hearts full of happiness. Preparations for the event are at heights, with students working days and nights. Undoubtedly, the Street Store – Chapter 3 by Blooming Beacon is going to leave a prominent mark in the history of helping the needy.