Swachhta Ranking 2019 Video Contest: Last Date Extended

Annoncements Description: 

SRM Institute of Science and Technology is participating in “Swachhta Ranking 2019” and we would like students’ involvement in our initiatives to keep our campus clean and green.

Through a video competition, we would like to bring out students’ ideas, perspectives and suggestions about:

  • cleanliness in and around the campus,
  • waste minimization,
  • environment-friendly activities adopted and practiced by students, staff and others in and around the campus,
  • the impact of deployment of technology (digital, renewable etc) inside the campus to reduce the consumption of natural resources
  • and other green initiatives adopted inside the campus.

(RO plant, Solar panel, Solar heater, Solar Cooking system, Sewage Treatment Plant, Biogas plant, Solid Waste Management, Washrooms, Classroom, Laboratory, Garden/Lawn, Playground, Hostel/Mess, Food Waste Disposal)

Regarding Video Contest:

1.    The theme is Clean and Green SRM Campus.

2.    The video should not be more than 10 minutes.

3.    Total number of participants per video contest is 3.

4.    Include SRM logo, subtitles where necessary.

5.    Video should be in English language only.

6.    Register online by Clicking Here

7.    Last date of submission: Monday, 13th August 2019

8.    Submission format: CD

9.    Submission to: 

The Associate Director (Campus Life), Gate 6,
Directorate of Campus Administration, SRMIST

10. The videos will be evaluated by the jury for quality of production, processing of content, originality and creativity.

11. Three best videos will receive First prize – Rs.5000; Second price – Rs.3000; Third prize – Rs.2000