Connecting the alumni community  with our students is the core objective of the events conducted by the Directorate of Alumni Affairs (DAA).

Event Name



SRM Achievers Connect

January and July

8-10 Alumni visit to interact with students

Leadership Talk

February and August

Top alumni from the industry are invited for a motivational speech

Young Leadership Program

February and August

To groom SRM students with their interpersonal skills, we invite alumni from various backgrounds.

Women Leadership Program (Women’s Day Special)


Alumnae are invited to encourage and emphasize on women role and power

Pre-internship Fair Training

February and September

Alumni from industry are invited to help develop the profile of our students 

Internship Fair

March and October

5-10 alumni firms are invited to offer internship to the current students

Alumni Guest Lectures

Every month

Career perspectives like study at Germany or how to aim for the core jobs/government jobs/exams

Hangout Talk


To connect alumni from abroad over video

Alumni Day

First week of January

For all alumni


July or August

To conduct Silver Jubilee and other reunions

We also support get together of our Alumni upon request.