Director's Message

Dear Alumni,

SRM Engineering College, founded in 1984, has blossomed into SRMIST, a top-notch private university. Now SRM Institute of Science and Technology is multi-locational and multi-disciplinary.  Engineering and Technology, Medical and Health Science, Management, Science and Humanities, Law and Agriculture are the major faculties.  SRM Institute of Science and Technology now operates from three locations in Chennai and one in Delhi.

As Director Alumni Affairs, It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you all to be a part of the alumni community.  All you need to do is to join the portal.

Our Chancellor quite often refers to our alumni as “our ambassadors and torch-bearers”.  For any university this is quite true.  Our Directorate is exclusively mandated to serve the alumni community.  Here, the major thrust is on “for the alumni, by the alumni and through the alumni”.  In this endeavor, we look forward for all your help and support.  We solicit your views/suggestions to strengthen our relationship.  Together, let us reach greater heights.

Thanks & Regards

Dr. A.Rathinam,
Director, Alumni Affairs,
SRM Institute of Science and Technology
Tel: +91 44 2741 7272, +91 44 27456726 , +91 9150867273