Director's Message

Dear Alumni,

SRM Engineering College, which started in 1984, has grown by leaps and bounds to be one of India's top private universities today. You, first as students and then as alumni, have helped in the growth. The university encompasses six faculties (Engineering & Technology, Medical & Health Sciences, Management, Science & Humanities, Law and Agriculture) in five campuses.

As Director of Alumni Affairs, I take great pleasure in welcoming you to join the SRM alumni community. In its third decade of trail-blazing education, SRM's alumni are coming back to strengthen its hands through various modes of contributions. As our Chancellor says, the strength of a university is its alumni since they are the ones who spread its name far and wide and bring greater glory to the university. We are here to take care of the needs of our alumni, and we hope to see increasing interactions and contributions from you in the years to come.

With thanks & regards,
Prof. R. Venkataramani
Director, Alumni Affairs
SRM Institute of Science & Technology