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About the Department

The Directorate of Alumni Affairs was established in September 2016 to look after the alumni needs for the entire University. It was earlier functioning as the Alumni Office since 2007. The major objectives of the Directorate are to enhance the coordination between SRM University and its alumni, to improve the interaction of alumni with the students and the faculty members, to establish alumni chapters in India and abroad, to maintain the database of alumni and to look after the interests of SRM alumni.

The Association has shown growth over a period of year and we managed to connect our alumni across world. Apart from our Alumni portal we use the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to actively stay connected with our alumni.


  • Develop a fully connected, strong, SRM alumni community.


    • Advance SRM Institute of Science and Technology by promoting alumni relationship fostering commitment among students enabling student-alumni interactions.


      Members at Alumni Office


      Email ID

      Prof. R. Venkataramani
      Director Alumni

      Dr. Deeptha Thattai

      Mrs. Jayalakshmi

      Mr. Nakul Mehrotra

      Mr. Sundarraj
      Junior Assistant

      Mr. Jayaganesh